My Small Business Journey. Who Do We Serve...?

July 23 2021 – Victoria Prince

My Small Business Journey. Who Do We Serve...?
My Small Business Journey. Who Do We Serve...?

Welcome to the #MASKOFFMOVEMENT!

As a small business owner, I thought it would be a great idea to get a little personal with you and give you some coffee (my preference over tea) on the motivation behind my brand!

For those that aren't too familiar with me, allow me to (RE)-introduce myself! My name is VicTORIa, the Creative Founder of Tori Prince Beauty & Exquis by Tori Prince. Simply put, our motto is "Healing Your Natural Canvas!" My brand represents the woman that is everything to everyone, but internally struggles with self-love, confidence, and being her phenomenal person that God created her to be. I pride myself in offering beauty services and products that are practical, high quality and guaranteed to boost your spirits! SN: I am also passionate about skincare for men. Why!? Because MAN SKIN MATTERS!!

Thanks to the help from some amazing teachers, mentors, coaches and good ole “hard knock life” lessons, my brand has evolved over this past year from my own “unique” journey within the beauty industry and I am ecstatic to share it with you …and the world. I look forward to sharing my expertise while making you fall in love with the reflection in the mirror (check my IG receipts!)

Let me help put "you" back in beaUty.  #maskoff

Yours in healing & beauty,



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