Happy National Esthetician’s Day!

July 25 2021 – Victoria Prince

Happy National Esthetician’s Day!
Happy National Esthetician’s Day!

🗣It’s a real CEO’s holiday! Happy National Esthetician’s Day‼️ Out of all of my titles (and I have several)—NCEA Certified Licensed Esthetician is by far my favorite (besides Mommy & Wife). My children aka my 3-piece spicy are my LIFE! Soooo it’s only right that I introduce myself accordingly.

👋 My name is Victoria Prince (affectionately known as Torí or #toriban), CEO of Tori Prince Beauty & Creative Founder of two luxury brands: @exquisbytoriprince & The Perfect PH. Besides the obvious, I hold the titles of Survivor, Published Makeup Artist, Author, Creative Director, Body Sculptor, Peristeam Facilitator (I take care of your most intimate body part as well 😉), Herbalist, Educator & Business Coach (exhales sloooowly).

I specialize in Clean Beauty, Corrective Skincare, & Wellness. Teaching women the importance of self-love through self-care is my purpose in life—at least one of them! My treatment room is located on the Southside of Chicago in the cultural Hyde Park neighborhood.

I originally wanted to become a Dermatologist (amongst other things) because I struggled with teenage acne & would create my own concoctions to find a cure. 😏 I started in beauty behinds the scene as a dancer/model while struggling with low self-esteem. Makeup allowed me to create the “ideal” version of myself. It took me decades to become comfortable in my own skin—and I still relapse from time to time.

Wellness became extremely important to me because I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease 2 years ago that shook my entire understanding. Prior to that I was diagnosed with Endometriosis & Adenomyosis, which is why I became passionate about Vaginal Steaming. I refused to let these ailments cancel my dreams. So I switched my business approach to “healing your natural canvas” from inside out! I want everyone to be comfortable in their skin that they were given. Now don’t get me wrong! I’m team Cosmetic surgery if your heart desires.

Prior to becoming a FT entrepreneur, I worked as a Compensation professional & Adjunct instructor with over 20+ years of HR experience. I am a member of the Northwestern University’s admission council (Go Wildcats!) & a member of the Griffith’s Women Leadership Society at Mizzou (Go Wildcats!). I have a degree from both plus a Certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell. So yes—I am a lifelong scholar. I am currently attending Dudley’s Beauty College to obtain my Instructor’s license in Esthetics.

My ultimate goal is to shape future beauty professionals, travel the world motivating women & eating without gaining weight! 🤣😂 As you can tell, I am super silly, down-to-earth, direct (team Capricorn), & the go-to person for anything! I love all kinds music especially trap & will twerk in a heartbeat. I was an exotic dancer in my former life! 🤣🤪

This post was extremely difficult to write because I am a very humble person, but it’s hard to sum up my life in anything that I write. However, I think that it’s important to step from behind the screen as that is my favorite place as a Creative Director. I take life waaaaay to seriously, but I’ve overcome enough struggle for a Netflix series so I’m learning to smell the roses on a daily basis.

My forever mottos are “YOLO!” & “ Everybody can’t MF’n go!”

You can expect to learn more about me and Tori Prince Beauty over the next few weeks. Nice to meet you all! 😘




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