A Word From Our CEO and Creative Founder, affectionately known as Toriban

My Journey

wasn’t a straight shot to the top, but it started out as an infatuation with my own skin and the desire to clear up my pubescent acne. My plan was simple: develop my own, homemade skin care product so that I could obtain the clear skin I desired. My goal of clear skin quickly manifested into me becoming enamored with the beauty industry after following in my mother’s footsteps as a hair and fashion model as well as having the opportunity to display my training as a dancer on and off the runway. As much as I enjoyed modeling and performing, I found the most joy behind the scenes watching the Creative Directors work their magic by transforming chaos into the perfect vision.

Southside Chicago

Now, listen, I’m from Southside Chicago and if you know anything about us, you know that we are born and bred hustlers. With that being said, alongside my corporate career, I still found time to balance my most notable accolades as devoted wife and mother while fulfilling my passion to inspire women to prioritize self-care. I was providing makeovers to women of various ethnicities and skin types that enhanced their natural beauty and instilled new confidence from within. 


While I continued to work my full-time job, I began to invest in coaching and professional development to expand my knowledge and receive proper guidance in building a sustainable brand. The exit strategy I had put together for myself was called into action well before I intended for it to be when someone that I trusted as a mentor, betrayed me. That’s when I came to my final decision that the slave train had to end for good and just as the pandemic began, I became a Corporate Dropout. 

Skin 2.0™

Curated to provide you with a perfect canvas.



Previously known as "Exquis Face Candy", your flawless finish cosmetics line.


The Perfect pH™

Your intimate skincare line designed to keep you fresh and balanced.