My Journey

It wasn’t a straight shot to the top, but it started out as an infatuation with my own skin and the desire to clear up my pubescent acne. My plan was simple: develop my own, homemade skin care product so that I could obtain the clear skin I desired. My goal of clear skin quickly manifested into me becoming enamored with the beauty industry after following in my mother’s footsteps as a hair and fashion model as well as having the opportunity to display my training as a dancer on and off the runway. As much as I enjoyed modeling and performing, I found the most joy behind the scenes watching the Creative Directors work their magic by transforming chaos into the perfect vision.

Our Mission

Tori's mission revolves around empowering women to prioritize their health and beauty. Through Tori Prince Beauty, she offers a comprehensive range of skin therapies that cater to the specific needs of melanated skin. Her work has made her an Industry Thought Leader & Expert.

Tori's expertise as a Licensed Esthetician, International Educator, and Continuing Ed Sponsor is complemented by her innovative work at Tori Prince Beauty, LLC, and the Chicago Skin Lab. With a focus on customized corrective skin treatments, she integrates esthetics and cosmetic science to deliver transformative results.

Tori Prince Skincare

Curated to provide you with a perfect canvas.


Tori Prince Cosmetics

Previously known as "Exquis Face Candy", your flawless finish cosmetics line.


Tori Prince Wellness

Your intimate skincare line designed to keep you fresh and balanced.